Discover The Most Effective Anxiety Natural Remedies!

In one of the previous articles on anxiety natural remedies I talked about the importance of drinking large amounts of mineral water and switching to an alkaline diet. These two things alone can make a significant change in the way you feel.

Not only will they help you cleanse your body and become more energetic, but also reduce the amount of anxiety you experience on a daily basis.

However, there are still a few more things you can focus on to improve the quality of your diet and further lower the anxiety level. These two things are minerals and herbs.

The importance of using alkaline diet

I have already discussed the difference between acidic and alkaline diet. The first one causes health problems and makes you feel more sensitive to intrusive thoughts. It also lowers your resistance to stress.

Alkaline diet is a complete opposite to the acidic one. Not only will it help you regain the inner balance, but also significantly improve your well-being. When you focus on eating alkaline foods you instantly feel the positive effects it has on your body.

Why maintaining mineral balance in the body is a great natural remedy for anxiety

The reason why I mention all of this is because minerals are one of the easiest ways to alkalize the acidity in your body. Low or deficient mineral stores lead to acidic body pH which makes you more vulnerable to stress an anxiety.

Foods that contain the biggest amounts of minerals are vegetables and fruits. However, because of soil depletion their nutritional value has decreased over the past few decades and it is now recommended to take diet supplements in order to maintain the right amounts of minerals in the bloodstream. These supplements can provide natural anxiety relief.

Below is a short list of supplements you should consider while trying to alkalize your diet:

B complex vitamin – responsible for normal pituitary and adrenal function. Without it these two glands will have difficulties producing the required amounts of hormones. It also helps your body to deal with stress.

Magnesium citrate – necessary in over 270 biochemical reactions in your body, helps in maintaining the right internal pH.

Omega-3 oils – reduces the blood pressure and eliminates the risk of coronary heart disease.

Now that we’ve talked about the role of minerals in maintaining the right pH balance, let’s talk about herbs and how they can significantly reduce the amount of anxiety experienced.

Herbs – natural anxiety remedy with little or no side effects

Herbs have been proven to be great tranquilizers. Not only can they help in alleviating the stress and tension associated with a variety of everyday situations (important meetings, exams etc.) but also reduce the emotional intensity of fearful thoughts.

You may have heard about Bach’a herbal remedies, researched and prepared by Edward Bach, MD, who resigned from his practice and devoted himself to investigating the healing power of wild flowers.

The remedies he came up with are used to change one’s state of mind and don’t affect their physical condition. One of the mixtures he created is called the “Rescue Remedy” and is used in the day-to-day treatment of anxiety.

Bach’s anxiety natural remedies are usually sold in the form of droplets that dissipate in water. None of them is habit-forming or harmful.

Apart from using ready-made herbal remedies one can also try purchasing specific types of herbs and including them in the diet.

Most popular herbs that help in overcoming anxiety

A great benefit of using these natural anxiety remedies is the fact that they are not addictive and have less side-effects than pharmaceuticals. Additionally, they affect one’s physical and mental state in a very subtle way and don’t cause any major health problems.

However, because of their limited healing power, herbs cannot be treated as the basis of anxiety treatment. They do help a lot when combined with other methods but their effectiveness is limited when used on their own.